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Need encouragment for a beginner

Hello everyone!

I'm a total beginner, but not at ED. I've been through a tough period in my life the last couple of months and could not stop eating. I knew I was damaging my body but one day I looked in the mirror and was just disgusted. I'm 5'8 and at the worst weighed 158. Now I'm 127 and still very much flabby and jelly-y.
I had times during the last couple of months that I said to myself "That's it! I'm stopping it" and I even dabbled in fasting but I always snapped by something silly or other, now I'm iron-willed.

But still, I've never done this before and feeling hungry now makes me remember the effort I'm putting into this and imagine how nice and skinny I'm going to look. Still, I could use to first days/weeks stories to I'm not alone in this.

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