petal1210 (petal1210) wrote in destinationthin,

Day 1 of fasting...

Ok, so I'm starting a fast today. Drinking plenty of liquids to make up for the food I'm not eating. (3 glasses of water & 4 glasses of tea) The only thing that's killing me is I've got a killer headache. I read online that drinking peppermint tea will help with headaches when fasting, but that hasn't worked. I hope the headaches stop after day 2-3. Otherwise this is going to especially miserable. I have to start lying.. my sister, dad & mom are watching me all the time to see what I ate. Honestly today was no different. They haven't gotten off my case, it got to the point where my sister announced she's going to make me dinner tonight because she knows I haven't eatten all day. My dad got irritated with me and said I'm just an idiot for not eating. Gee, thanks dad. Any suggestions on how I can deter my family from trying to get me to eat or atleast convince them I already did? I'm taking next semester off, so I'll be home for months on end.. This isn't going to work in my favor if I can't do this.
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