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destinationthin's Journal

We're all on a journey towards destinationTHIN
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  • To join, you must have an eating disorder. This community was made for people with eating disorders, to support and encourage them. This isnt just a dieting community.

  • Members must NOT criticize other members, failure to do so will result in suspension of membership.

  • Only POSITIVE posts are allowed, we tend not to want to read about people binging because it creates a reverse trigger and we dont want to lose hope.

  • There will be only positive comments to one another.

  • Do not be judgmental of other members, as we are trying to create a positive environment for support and encouragement.

  • Those who have obtained a goal of theirs will be commended by recieving a banner to put on their livejournal on the "Hall of Famers of THIN".

  • Individuals 14 and over may join. Those 13 and younger may contact a mod in order to join. The reason for doing so is to make sure you will fit in and not cause disruption.

  • Posts must not make any reference to: binging, purging, breaking a fast, eating too many calories, and so on. Please use your best judgment before posting. This is a rule because we are trying to avoid "reverse triggers" (i.e. seeing someone write about binging on pizza, and pizza is your favorite food, so you then binge.)

  • And last but definately not the least...

    Have fun! we are all on a journey towards destinationTHIN!


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